What can impact your driving?

Driving can be an enjoyable activity, offering freedom and independence, and can even help in your career. However driving comes with certain risks that the driver needs to understand and manage to stay safe.

Here are some things that can impact your driving


Distractions are a major factor when it comes to crashes, prangs and near misses.


Even small amounts of alcohol affect your ability to drive.


Drugs affect your ability to make rational decisions.


Fatigue is estimated to be a significant factor in 10-25% of road incidents.

Driving with Peers

Driving with peers

Passengers can be a source of distraction, particularly for younger drivers.


Confidence can be described as a belief in one’s ability to succeed.

Lack of experience

New drivers are more likely to get into trouble on the road due to their lack of experience.


Our moods are a powerful influencer of how we respond to tasks and our behaviour in general.

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