For DIA members that have never been on Find a Driving Instructor or cannot find their profile

Step one


Step two

Hover your mouse over “DIA Members” and select “Add Your Listing”

Step three

You can now create your listing by filling in the fields. You can add your own logo and profile images, such as a cover photo or gallery of images. Listing tags will help students find you. You can also include any other appropriate options such as Languages, CPD Offered, and the services you offer, to make your profile as detailed as you wish.

Step four

When you have finished making your changes, tick the box to agree to the DIA Code of Conduct and click “Preview”

Step five

You can now review your profile and make sure you’re happy with it, click “Edit listing” if you want to make any changes or click “Submit Listing” if you’re happy

Step six

You will then receive a message stating “Listing submitted successfully. Your listing will be visible once approved.”


Step seven

As soon as it’s approved your listing will be made live. You’ll be able to update your listing at any time using the instructions above.